JPC Aims & Achievements

It is vital that your Council, in all matters concerning the use of public money, be seen to be totally transparent. The following schedule is intended to do just that and, in the coming months, you will be able to watch how we perform. Under the REVIEW heading, the outcome will be assessed on the benefit it provided for the residents.






JPC to establish a permanent graveyard maintenance regime in cooperation with the PCC.

Decision 15th July 2019



Perhaps the most contentious issue currently under consideration by the new JPC. Three and a half years of consultation is now reaching a conclusion, whatever the outcome, it will impact on the residents and businesses in Henley in Arden and Beaudesert.




At the last JPC meeting, the Chairman introduced Fraser Pithie, Secretary, Shakespeare Line Promotion Group.

Fraser gave a short presentation about the possibility of the JPC adopting the buildings at the Railway Station for the benefit of the community.  He showed slides showing the comparison between Broadway Railway Station and Henley and what could be achieved if the Station buildings were to be adopted and redeveloped.  Fraser advised that the cost of redeveloping Broadway Station buildings was £500,000 but they had to start from scratch, whereas the fabric of the Station building in Henley was sound and it would be just internal alterations.  Fraser confirmed that there was grant funding available to assist with the project.  If Henley Station buildings were to be listed, that would create additional funding, however, there could be a downside if this were to be achieved.  Fraser also confirmed that the service frequency would be increasing within the next 2 to 3 years to a half hourly service, which would create extra demand.  Cllr Broadbent asked about parking arrangements and they would need to be increased.  Fraser responded and said that there was the potential to develop an additional 60 car parking spaces.  Cllr Price asked who owned the Station buildings and Fraser responded by saying that Network Rail were the owners. Fraser concluded by saying that he thought an Economic Impact Study should be considered. The Council will give further consideration to this plan and if necessary a full feasibility study and business plan will be produced for public consultation. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT IMPENDING CHARGES FOR PARKING ARE OUTSIDE THE JURISDICTION OF THE JPC AND ARE BEING LEVIED BY WEST MIDLANDS RAILWAY AUTHORITY – see below: