We are advising the public to be vigilant following reports of door knockers in Henley-in-Arden.

The force has been made aware that a number of individuals have been knocking on people’s doors and offering small household products for sale.

They claim to be ex-offenders on a rehabilitation scheme but this is not the case and they are not affiliated with any such scheme.

Safer Neighbourhood Team Sergeant for Alcester, Dave Ebbs said: “We have received reports recently that a number of individuals have been going round the Henley area.

“The doorstep callers offer small household products for sale which may be of poor quality, at inflated prices, and pressure homeowners into buying them by falsely claiming to be ex-convicts on probation schemes.

“The scheme does not exist and is not backed by police so although their stories can be very convincing, they are often not genuine, and these individuals are hoping to make a profit from well-intentioned people.

“If someone knocks at your front door claiming to be from a company, first check their ID. If you’re not happy, don’t let them in.

“Never call the phone number on their ID card – ask them to wait outside, shut the door and find the company number on the internet. If they’re genuine, they’ll understand.

“If you’re still unsure, ask them to come back later so that you can arrange for a friend or relative to be present. This may often be enough to act as a deterrent to them.

“Generally, we would advise anyone who is unsure about someone’s identity not to open the door but if you do answer, make it very clear you are not interested in buying any of the products.

“If you feel uncomfortable or are concerned with their presence, call 101, report it online or in an emergency where life is at risk, always call 999.

“We’d also encourage you to share this message with your friends, family and neighbours – particularly those who are elderly or vulnerable or who may not have access to the internet or social media.”

Issued: Laura Maltby, Corporate Communications