The JPC have noted the swell of residents concern, regarding the contentious issue of charging for parking on our town car parks.

This protracted and complicated process, quite understandably, has created an uncomfortable status quo, which inevitably has led to a mixture of spurious as well as well-advised comment, on various social media sites, where, regrettably, members of the JPC can only respond on a personal level, not necessarily representing the view shared by the JPC.

The newly elected Council, reviewed the historical document-discussion-public consultation trail, then promised that this project would go forward to its full and final fruition, and so it has.

However, even as late as August, technical and legal matters, concerning access to one of the sites, were still unresolved. These have now been determined BUT, before signing off, we would ask all residents that have been vocal on social media, to attend the Parish Ordinary Meeting next Monday, where, we trust, in a rational and courteous exchange of thoughts, we may know finally, how Henley would like us to go forward.

Just to make mention, if the JPC does not take on this mantle, it is quite possible, both car parks will be vulnerable to third party interest and control,  outside of any jurisdiction brought to bear by the JPC, others may sustain parking charges, comparable with Stratford upon Avon, which are between 20% to 50%  higher, than the proposed charges published.

Finally, the proposed operators, LPS, have been advised that consideration must be given to certain needy residents, meaningful discussions will take place, to determine whether the viability of long-term parking permits, can be part of the new administration of the facilities. We are certain, that such considerations would not be on the agenda of a third-party operator.

It’s your Joint Parish Council, we are here to carry out your requests, even though sometimes, it proves impossible to please all of the people, all of the time, take the trouble to come along – see meeting agendas on this site.

Ray Evans – Chairman Henley & Beaudesert JPC 12.09.2019