Here is an update as yesterday Wednesday 22nd June 2022

At a meeting held yesterday at Warwickshire County Council the following was agreed following questions from County Councillor Tim Sinclair (Stratford North) who has been working with me to ensure that we do not lose the service.


  • Diamond will continue running the service “as is” until 16th August
  • The County will ensure that immediately following the 16th August a service will be in place, this might not be delivered by Diamond.
  • There will be continuity of service to meet the needs of residents
  • The service might not be identical and there will be communication in place to ensure that residents are made aware of any changes

My understanding of the period after the  16th August is that the bus operator, the time table and frequency may not be the same but that peak time contracted journeys between Stratford and Shirley will continue until the 7th October.

In the meantime work will be taking place to set up a new contract ensuring that we have a bus service for the longer term

In addition to updating you here Tim and myself have put more detail on my Facebook page  (www.facebook.com/cllrian.shenton)  and also the Facebook pages of Henley Matters and the Wootton Wawen Wire Facebook pages

If you have any queries regarding this service then do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards


Ian Shenton FCCA

Climate Change Portfolio Holder

Ward member for Wootton Wawen


M: 07971 343074

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