Saturday the 15th of April was a heart-warming day for the JPC as over TWO HUNDRED residents visited the consultation presentation at the local High School.

Folks were invited to read the planned content for the Neighbourhood Plan [NDP] on a series of display boards arranged in chronological order and comment, simply by placing a tick or a cross on a sheet on each table. There was also an opportunity to leave comments if they so wished in notebooks provided.

A draft copy of the NDP was also available to inform and advise what shape this important document will take.

The JPC would like to thank the people of Henley for their support and more importantly, take heed of the comments provided in order that the final version be one which everyone has had an input. The NDP will be placed before the Council for signing off at the JPC-AGM to be held on the 15th of May next. at the Memorial Hall in Henley.

Letters were sent to all three prospective candidates running for election locally and all three took the time to be at the presentation and show their support for the project, other approaches have been made to other political groups urging their support in this milestone event in Beaudesert and Henley’s history.

Thank you all.

Ray Evans – Parish Clerk