As mentioned in an earlier post on this site, the progress on the adoption of car parks in Henley was reviewed and updated at the JPCO Meeting on Monday 21st, last.

The next significant stage will be a consultation from Mr Peter Lowe, an independent car parking analyst, who will provide the very best business model for Henley, on both the Croft and Medical Centre sites.

The JPC have been in conversation with three car park management concerns and, all felt that the choice of Mr Lowe, and the report that he would create, was both prudent and necessary for their needs, in providing the JPC with competitive and comprehensive tenders.

Such is the importance of decisions relating to car parks and parking in Henley, it was resolved that a new Sub-Committee be formed, and that the first public meeting will likely take place in January 2020.

The JPC now looks forward to a successful adoption and management regime concerning these two valuable assets.

A new timetable will be uploaded in early November.


Ray Evans – Chairman JPC

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