The JPC have been successful in raising funding for their programme of events and marketing aides to improve footfall on the High Street. The grant, amounting to £6,500.00, awarded by Warwickshire County Council, as part of their drive to increase visitor numbers to our beautiful county. Cllr Angela Okey, has allocated this funding to several activities which are indicated on the spreadsheet in pdf file following. The remaining £3,196.01, will form part of the costs for new highway signage on all four approaches to Henley, welcoming visitors passing through and inviting them to stop at designated car parks and enjoy our facilities. You will have noticed signage around town pointing to such amenities as the Mount, our churches and the new play towers in Riverlands. Now more than ever, the JPC needs to help build up our traders so that they can meet demand as restrictions ease. Finally, the icing on the cake, the new Town Website is due to be launched any day now, already acknowledged to be outstanding by local government marketing groups, look out for the public announcement on social media and this website.

Ray Evans – Parish Clerk

wcc tourist grant 08.05.2021