Despite the obvious challenges presented by the Covid pandemic, Henley, not without sadness, but with with growing optimism, now looks forward to a more normalised period in time.

The JPC too have experienced a raft of changes. The loss of a number of members for a variety of personal reasons, thankfully, all but one  being replaced by new co-opted councillors. There have been successes, from the campaign to get prescriptions, newspapers and groceries to those who were not able to make the journey to the shops, to the upgrading of the green spaces and play areas which has proved so useful for our town-bound residents and a growing number of visitors.

Over £34,000.00 by way of grants have been awarded to our various town societies, the acquisition of the Croft car park, new cheerful town signage, the growing cooperation with the PayBack Team who have made the churchyard at St Nicholas the pride of Henley, and who now are poised to do so much more. The support to the Friends of Henley Station in their drive to adopt the station buildings and re-open the premises as local businesses, along with new flowerbeds and signage, new flower beds at Prince Harry Road, new waste and dog bins.

The list grows as we are able to exercise more freedom in what we can do in the coming year. There will be a ramped-up effort to encourage residents to shop local and the JPC will set in place radar speed checks where offending motorists WILL BE PROSECUTED by the police.

Watch this space.

If you click on the following document link, you will find the 2020-2021 action plan completed by the Chair of the JPC, Elaine Field, and supported by all her members. A new plan is being formulated, picking up any arrears from the previous campaign, and taking them forward with other aspirations and plans, to make Henley even better still.

As restrictions ease, we would encourage all of our residents to come to the meetings at the Memorial Hall, there to voice your opinions, have your say, lobby your councillors, that’s what they are here for!

If you want to know any more about any of the foregoing matters, please get in touch with me,

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Ray Evans – Parish Clerk & RFO – 17.06.2021


Joint Parish Council Action Plan – Completed Plan for May 2020 – May2021