A week ago, the JPC posted the news of this acquisition on our website. At that time, and on face value, it promised the prospect of finance by a large organisation into the facilities, which would ultimately be of benefit to the community. The JPC have, on several occasions, requested a definitive statement, which we would publish, followed by a public meeting in Henley, to include both the WCG and WASPS. The JPC understand the concern of residents, those in particular, who use the facilities, but as the following social media release states, the JPC have no influence whatsoever on the agreements struck by these two private parties.

However, we did say in our original statement, that the whole procedure was subject to planning permission and, it is in that area, that both the SDC and the JPC will have an opportunity to voice potential objections to such plans.

You have our firm promise that the JPC will do all in their power to protect the interests of the community


A statement from WCG has finally been received by the Chair of the JPC. This will be published on the JPC website tomorrow evening. [05.11.2019]

The JPC are not, nor have ever been, party to any discussions about the private treaty to purchase Warwickshire College by the WASPS. The JPC were only advised that the transaction had been carried out.
The JPC have lodged in writing their strong disapproval to the WCG, that groups at the site were not involved at any stage in the plans by WCG to sell off the site.
The JPC will meet with users of the sports  facilities tomorrow evening so that a supportive report can be tabled at a public meeting.
This public meeting will take place no later than Wednesday the 20th of November, where the JPC will chair an orderly Q&A session attended by representatives of WCG and WASPS.
The JPC recognises that social media is now the most efficient means of communication with a large proportion of the community and  will appoint a Councillor to be responsible for responding to residents comments.
A summary of events will be published regularly on the JPC website.
Ray Evans – Chairman JPC