Email received by JPC from Cllr Shenton.


I have a further update on the “leaning tree of Liveridge Hill”. I have copied Ian Ford into the message (bcc’d) as Ian raised this at the last Parish Council meeting.

The forestry team have advised me as follows:

Hi Ian, we are very aware of this tree and have received multiple reports in recent years. This tree is situated near to our Offices.

The lean on this tree seemingly hasn’t changed for a number of years looking on google streetview historical imagery from 2009 to 2021, to present day. The tree has clearly grown, but the trajectory of growth has changed very little.  The lean is possibly due to competition suppression from surrounding vegetation. 

What may have given rise to the number of comments about the tree recently, bringing it to peoples attention, could be the growth of the ivy extending out towards the highway, giving an appearance of exaggerated lean.

We will continue to keep an eye on this tree for any sudden changes, but for now we deem that no works are required as of our last site visit in January 2023.

Below shows images of the tree already leaning in 2009 and the same lean in 2021. On our assessment of the tree in 2023, there does not appear to be any significant change to the angle of the lean.

 If there are any concerns going forward about the angle of lean let me know and I’ll contact the team again.

Kind Regards Ian

Ian Shenton FCCA Warwickshire County Councillor for Arden Division