The JPC is happy to inform residents that in association with our NDP Working Party, that following relaxed restrictions recently announced by HM Government, we can now proceed with the public consultation process, presenting Version 8, of the publication for comment.

A notice will appear in the Stratford Herald, announcing the process and we print the content herein, for your forward knowledge. You can download a copy of V8 publication by going to Policies and Plans on this site and selecting from the drop-down menu.


Beaudesert & Henley-in-Arden

Neighbourhood Development Plan 2020

Regulation 14 Public Re-Consultation Notice

In accordance with Neighbourhoods Planning (General) Regulation 2012, Part 5, 14(a)-(c), notice is hereby given that a formal pre-submission public consultation on the Draft Beaudesert & Henley-in-Arden Neighbourhood Development Plan will start at 10.00 am on the 16th of July for a period of 6 weeks ending at 5.00 pm on the 27th of August 2020.

The Joint Parish Council is going out to re-consultation with all parties listed in this email, due to some minor changes on the original document submitted to SDC – i.e.

Page 11 – 8 Employment and Services Para 8.4

Delete the last sentence ‘The Town also has its own railway station’. This is already stated in Para 8.3 above.

Page 14 – 11 Policy. Policy H1- Housing Growth Para 1.

Change ‘shown in Figure 2’ to ‘shown in Figure 2 on Page 16’.

Page 21 – P3 Community Policy C2 – Designated Local Green Space. Bullet 6

Change ‘Green Belt and adjacent to allotment and A4189 Warwick Road’ to ‘Memorial Sports Ground’

Page 22 – P3 Community Policy c3 – Sports and Leisure Facilities Para 1

Removed the words ‘and the Warwickshire College (now closed)’

Page 22 – P3 Community Policy c3 – Sports and Leisure Facilities Explanation (inbox)

Replace the entire wording in the box to

Since the closure of Warwickshire College as an educational facility, the Sports facilities have been run as a self-supporting enterprise for the local Community. This facility ceased trading December 31st, 2019. The Sports Hall, Exercise Gymnasium, and all-weather pitch provided an excellent extra dimension for the leisure facilities of the Community and surrounding catchment area.

With the loss of this facility, the NDP supports the notion of replacing these facilities elsewhere within the Henley vicinity

Page 28 – 12 Community Aspirations. Project 1 – Car Parking Para 1

Change ‘To bring all car parks, notably The Croft, The Medical Centre and the ‘Northern’ car park under the control of the Parish Council’  to ‘To bring The Medical Centre and Northern car parks under the control of the Parish Council.

Once approved the Beaudesert & Henley-in-Arden Neighbourhood Development Plan (the NDP) will become part of the statutory planning framework alongside the Stratford on Avon District Council’s (SDC) Core strategy and therefore must be taken into account by SDC when determining planning applications and planning policy. It is, therefore, an important opportunity for residents to help shape the future.

The Draft Plan has been developed in close consultation with residents through household questionnaires, public meetings and invited views on possible proposals and policies. Before submitting the plan to SDC Beaudesert & Henley-in Arden Joint Parish Council invites comments on the Draft NDP [V8] to check that the Plan reflects residents’ views.

All responses received will be considered by the Joint Parish Council to form a revised version of the NDP. The revised version of the NDP will then be submitted to SDC as the Local Planning Authority, for consideration by them and by an independent examiner.

In readiness for a public presentation, copies of Version 8 of the draft NDP may be viewed on the JPC Website or e-mailed to residents on request to the JPC Clerk.

Paper copies will be made available, in limited quantities, if a resident has no other means of viewing the document electronically. Either by an email request to or phone 01564 637 607. A copy can be downloaded from the JPC Website located in the Policies & Plans drop-down menu.


All the information that has shaped the NDP, including results of earlier consultations can be viewed on the JPC Website.

Please note in accordance with GDPR, all responses will be forwarded as part of the submission process to SDC, this will include the forwarding of personal data, such as e-mail address, names, addresses and telephone numbers.

All comments must be received by 5 pm on the 27th of August 2020 


Ray Evans – Clerk & Proper Officer B&H JPC




  • Posted 11th August 2020 Andrew Pearl 8:15 pm

    Let’s be clear, this entire process stinks to the core. Certain people involved in this process need to take a step back and understand the game should well be up. Changes to wording that fundamentally remove key criteria for the plans further demonstrates that this is not a fair and dare I say legal process. It needs to stop and the communities health and well-being needs to be prioritised over a London franchise that is acting and behaving like a venture capitalist project.

  • Posted 12th August 2020 Peter Glaze 8:41 am

    The Henley Sports Centre Alliance have finding in place to purchase the sports Centre land and facilities. The JPC should engage with the HSCA there is a significant opportunity being missed for Henley to own a significant asset with income generation potential

  • Posted 12th August 2020 Sean Reaper 10:01 am

    It is very disappointing to read that there are only six Parish Councillors continuing to back the objection of the sale and change of the Sports facility. I can’t understand why five would abstain from voting. It is imperative that the FULL existing facility is protected. I do not see any benefit in favouring a new unspecified and unfunded development when there is a facility already available. Surely it is about time the full JPC backed the residents of Henley-in-Arden. There has been overwhelming support from residents, sports team, health specialists and many others to keep the sports facility as it is.

  • Posted 12th August 2020 Caron Eyre 12:37 pm

    The NDP does not reflect fully impact of the loss of the Warwickshire college sports facilities upon the local community and as such requires amendments to recognise this

  • Posted 13th August 2020 Russell Cox 11:02 am

    Absolutely scandalous that all mention of the WCG site has been removed from the NDP whilst the planning application is still very much under review. Can we assume by this that the marginal objection posted is to be overruled by these changes, how very convenient!

  • Posted 13th August 2020 Emma Cox 12:47 pm

    It’s extremely frustrating and disappointing that the thoughts of just a few seem to dictate what the rest of the community feels because its not the case. The plan to move the facilities to the memorial sports ground (the club as it’s know to true locals) is completely unrealistic. The funding it would require to replicate what we already have at the college would not be achievable, and in my opinion it won’t happen.

    I can’t understand how such important changes to a NDP can happen without public consultation. I understand that in the current circumstances this is difficult but there’s alternatives which need to be put in place and as such I would very much want to be a part of the zoom meeting taking place on the 17th August.

  • Posted 13th August 2020 Mrs M Blewitt 5:59 pm

    Sports and Leisure facilities “LOST” surely as planning permission has not been agreed it is premature to state this facility has been lost. Please advise.

  • Posted 13th August 2020 Sally Key 6:04 pm

    Please commit to supporting retaining the sports centre- you are failing to represent the needs of the people of Henley and surrounding villages

  • Posted 13th August 2020 David Neale 6:09 pm

    We must save our sports facility,we use it for a variety of community uses and must be retained

  • Posted 13th August 2020 Helen Nixon 6:17 pm

    Henley Gym and Sports Centre.
    Having worked as an instructor at the above Centre I have seen first hand the benefits of having this facility on our doorstep. Both young and old have used the Centre for their wellbeing and as a way of meeting people. Various clubs took place which bought the community together as well as fitness classes and the gym. It would be a disappointing and sad loss to the people of Henley-in-Arden if these facilities were not made available. Bearing in mind that the nearest gym would be at least 6-8 miles away – not so easy for folks who don’t drive. Have a heart so we can all remain fit and healthy!

  • Posted 13th August 2020 Grayston Nixon 6:57 pm

    Page 22 – P3 Community Policy c3 – Sports and Leisure Facilities Explanation (inbox)

    Replace the entire wording…
    There is nowhere in the Henley-in-Arden vicinity that can replace or accommodate the facility at WCC site. The sports facility has not been lost and is subject to a planning application which has not been determined. There are others who are willing to purchase the site to continue offering community sports and leisure facilities. The JPC should not adopt the stance that the existing facility will not be utilised in the future for the community and should be continuing to take all necessary measures to ensure it is not lost. It is not lost yet!

  • Posted 13th August 2020 Russell Gillott 8:01 pm

    Henley needs the current sports centre at Warwickshire college! Protect our town and it’s people’s health!!!

  • Posted 13th August 2020 Anna Possee 8:08 pm

    Re: Page 22 – P3 Community Policy c3 – Sports and Leisure Facilities Explanation change to wording – as there is still a fight in progress to retain the Warwickshire college site sports facilities for the use of the community it is wrong to amend the wording to say they are lost and to seek alternatives elsewhere

  • Posted 14th August 2020 Patrick Shanley 1:02 am

    I do not believe the JPC should be conceding the loss of the Sports Facilities ahead of a planning decision. The wording should be amended to read “The JPC note the closure of the sports facilities at Warwickshire College and support the communities overwhelming desire to have these facilities reopened under local ownership”

  • Posted 14th August 2020 John Lunn 2:07 am

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Please try and keep the Henley Sports Centre open for the use of Henley residents.
    It’s such a fantastic facility and is used by 1000’s of members of the community.
    It would be such a shame for this to be taken over by a rugby club from London.who play their rugby in Coventry..
    It’s only a smoke screen for them and the land will eventually become housing!
    John Lunn.

  • Posted 14th August 2020 Ash Hunter 7:29 am

    I’d like to comment regarding the sports centre facilities. I understand there is a huge effort in place to retain these facilities and take the ownership and management over to retain these facilities for the local users. I think the JPC should be supporting the effort and certainly making SDC aware of how important they are to the local community. There is a very public and well supported campaign working to do just this and should be recognised and supported.

  • Posted 14th August 2020 Barbara .Colclough 7:42 am

    The JPC should be supporting the attempt to retain the existing Warwickshire College Sport Site not attempting to replace it with alternative facilities elsewhere in the town. It will be impossible to replace all the facilities that it offered to so many people of all ages and abilities. It is a vitally important facility at a time when fitness is such an important issue and will help in trying to prevent obesity.

  • Posted 14th August 2020 Amanda Taylor 11:46 am

    I am struggling to understand why the JPC seem to be so hostile towards the interests of the local community in trying to save the sports centre.
    This is a precious resource, well used and well loved by so many of us.
    To deliberately alter the NDP in a way that gives up the fight and hands over the family silver with no communication or explanation to the community is frankly unbelievable.
    The silence from the JPC since this whole issue began has been deafening.
    It is also very sad when the people elected to represent the interests of their town seem to have a secretive agenda completely unfathomable to the residents let down by their actions.

  • Posted 14th August 2020 Darryl Powers 1:19 pm

    The sports centre and its facilities must be retained for local resident use and Wasps must not be allowed too take control of it. The whole process appears corrupt and the representatives of the Henley community, the JPC must do more too make sure it remains for the local residents and sports groups

  • Posted 14th August 2020 Andrew Freestone 1:50 pm

    How disappointing that our own local councillors can’t fight on our behalf to win back our sports centre, shame on you!

  • Posted 14th August 2020 Philip Butler 5:36 pm

    P3 Community Policy c3
    I object to the changes to the wording of the above

  • Posted 14th August 2020 Michael Meyrick 5:50 pm

    In respect of your comments regarding the sports facility at the Warwickshire College site you mention that the NDP supports the notion of replacing these facilities elsewhere in Henley. Would it not make more sense to support the proposals outlined by Henley Sports Centre Alliance to maintain this facility for public and community use and act to prevent this facility being taken over by Wasps Rugby. The impact of this potential takeover will bring little or no value to the local community and could have potentially longer term consequences of having the site developed as housing right in the middle of the green belt. Also when the original planning consent was granted to WCG on 13 December 2007 clause 12 very clearly states that the site must be available for community use.

  • Posted 16th August 2020 Graham Taylor 7:17 am

    The updates incorrectly state the college facilities have been lost. I do not understand why the JPC are not taking an active role in trying to save this resource for our community. Please amend the updates to mention the ongoing struggle to save this precious community asset, rather than putting forward alternatives which will strengthen the case for closure. Thanks.

  • Posted 16th August 2020 John Thomson 9:49 pm

    The handling of the issues surrounding the facilities at the sports centre have been farcical at best and downright deceitful at worst.
    The whole town must have some transparency of the situation without another community asset being sold, with the long term agenda of developing the site most likely to more housing,
    If any one of the JPC can do anything, then they must as a matter of urgency, if not than their elected position as a community representative is surely comprised

  • Posted 17th August 2020 Stephen Wild 8:50 am

    I am concerned that the wording has been changed to suggest any attempt at keeping open the existing sports facility has been given up. Every effort should be made to retain the existing facility for the community. As such I object.

  • Posted 17th August 2020 Tracy Bird 9:05 am

    I am very interested to hear what is being said in regard to the sports centre based at the Warwickshire college site. I am unable to attend the meeting but would like to receive a copy of the minutes please.

  • Posted 17th August 2020 Annabel Drewett 11:17 am

    Can I ask why the Warwickshire sports centre has been removed from protection of the NDP. This is a hugely important community facility that has not yet been lost to the acquisition of Wasps and should be protected at all cost for benefit of the community. The community have proven that they have the funds to buy and self maintain this facility and this notion should be supported in the first instance before looking to provide facilities elsewhere which will come at a huge cost.

  • Posted 17th August 2020 Andrew Freestone 11:59 am

    Disappointed our own local councillors are not fighting on our behalf to save our sports centre

  • Posted 17th August 2020 Janet Tonks 3:27 pm

    I think it’s disgraceful mention of the existing sports centre has been referred to as a centre that has been lost in the NDP, this is an important asset to the community of Henley and surrounding villages. For transparency, I believe all members of the JPC and NDP steering group should state whether or not they hold shares either directly or indirectly (ie via a pension fund/ISA) in WASPS PLC.

  • Posted 17th August 2020 John Blakey 3:35 pm

    I would like to comment that Their is still a very strong opposition to the intended use of the existing WC sporting facilities.
    The provision of alternative sporting facilities are very unlikely to match the existing excellent facilities that I have strong belief should be made available for the community and surrounding communities of Henley in Arden.

  • Posted 18th August 2020 David Brian Hadley 2:12 pm

    Henley in Arden residents are being stripped of this vital sports facility. The government wants us all to exercise more and to drive less…. so why is our only gym being taken away from us. The sports hall is a great facility and again, we are left with nothing. The whole scheme is obviously going to be develop into a housing development eventually. We badly need to keep the sports facilities for the health of our community.

  • Posted 18th August 2020 Tony Matthews 3:06 pm

    It’s laughable that the JPC are not taking the need for the sports center to remain open seriously. This is vitally important in maintaining the mental and physical health of all the groups and residents that use this facility. We should not be looking at creating other lower quality facilities but fighting to keep the existing facility for the use of Henley and it’s surrounding area patrons. Selling this off to WASPs will bring no benefit to the town whatsoever. If they believe these so called athletes will bring increased trade to the Towns shops they are very much mistaken.

  • Posted 18th August 2020 ALMA HINTON 3:52 pm

    Please register my objection to:
    Page 22 Paragraph 3, totally against removing this paragraph and inserting your replacement paragraph. You have stated ‘with the loss of this facility’ this is surely an assumption as the planning consent has not been agreed at this moment in time. This change to the NDP would not be supporting the local people in their determination to retain this facility. Perhaps you could use CIL funds to help retain this facility. Totally against this change, please leave the paragraph as is

  • Posted 18th August 2020 ALMA HINTON 3:53 pm

    I have received a message saying, my comment is awaiting moderation
    please can you enlarge on that message

  • Posted 18th August 2020 ALMA HINTON 3:55 pm

    please confirm that I am against the change to Page 22 para 3 and that this objection has been registered

  • Posted 19th August 2020 Fraser Knight 7:51 pm

    Please can you correct your statement regarding the loss of sports facilities to be factually accurate in that you detail that firstly you are supporting the opposition of the proposal from Wasps that seeks to continue to deny residents to facilities and that secondly you will only pursue alternative facilities once this is lost and Wasps are allowed to proceed in spite of the enduring community access condition.

  • Posted 20th August 2020 Rod Hinton 2:22 pm

    Do not agree with the wording ‘ with the loss of this facility’ the NDP must not be changed to include this. There is no where in Henley to provide the facilities equal to this site.

  • Posted 21st August 2020 Alison Smith 10:10 pm

    Please leave the original paragraph in ,and back the residents of Henley-in-Arden and Beaudesert whom you claim to represent, that’s what you were all voted in for or have the J P C members who abstained conveniently forgotten since being elected . Support the mental and physical health benefits of your constituents who use the gym facilities.

  • Posted 21st August 2020 Alison Smith 10:37 pm

    Has my comment been approved as I’ve had no message from a moderator

  • Posted 22nd August 2020 Roger Cooper 8:57 am

    The wording on Page 22 needs to reflect the wishes of the Community. The Henley Sports Centre is a vital asset serving Henley and the surrounding area. Over 1,500 people PER WEEK were looking after their own health and well being in this facility without any marketing or even a road sign to tell people it existed!.
    Over 650 people, including Henley Medical Practice, have objected to Wasps application.
    Wasps plans are not in line with
    National Planning Guidelines
    S.D.C. Core Strategy
    S.D.C. Active Communities Strategy
    Sport England Strategy

  • Posted 22nd August 2020 Alison Smith 10:05 am

    Still waiting for a moderator to approve my post

  • Posted 23rd August 2020 Zoe 4:35 pm

    This whole situation stinks, kicking the community out of a very busy leisure centre for an out of town rugby club….
    this was home to many local clubs, mine included, who were regular weekly users for over 15yrs… we were in the old building right at the back of the college, before the sports centre was even built!!
    Disgusting and extremely disappointed to be totally honest.

  • Posted 23rd August 2020 TCFullerton 8:39 pm

    Well where does one begin – By virtue of the JPC not realising the significance of the aforementioned deleted wording (P3 Community Policy c3) demonstrates how unfit for purpose certain members of the ‘elected’ Parish Council are and again by the mendacious and deceitful attitude taken by those who abstained not only shows a blatant ineptitude, lack of intelligence but more importantly an unacceptable lack of community spirit. Furthermore, it becomes clear that they are therefore not true representatives of the wishes of the Henley community who have shown great fortitude in what is now becoming a fight to save this valued resource.

    The original planning consent for the Sports Centre was granted for the community, there are funds available to purchase on behalf of the community – stop all this nonsense, do the right thing and give it back to the community.

  • Posted 23rd August 2020 Alison Pigdon 9:14 pm

    I am very concerned that details of the facilities provided at the Sports Centre and the many groups that have used the site have apparently been removed from the NDP. This must be reinstated. This is a vital facility for residents of Henley and the surrounding area, benefitting the community in so many ways that cannot be underestimated. It cannot be allowed to be lost..

  • Posted 24th August 2020 Katy Jones 11:15 pm

    This whole process has been undermined by people working “for” the “best interests” of the residents of henley and the surrounding villages, but them actually having Alteria motives. Why has it been stated that the community have lost the Warwickshire sports centre, and the fact it has been removed from protection of the NDP. When wasps buying and developing the site is still subject to them gaining planning permission. All of the councillors should be supporting their community and supporting the Henley alliance to buy the site and keep it as is, for the thousand of people that used it every week. Wasps will not find or find enough for an additional building somewhere else, and why do we need it when the Warwickshire college site is fit for purpose for the community. Its all very suspicious and I think there have been a lot of back handers and brown envelopes passed between hands.

  • Posted 24th August 2020 Katy Jones 11:15 pm

    Apparently my message was too long so here’s the rest

    Please save the sports centre for use for the general public those of henley and the surrounding villages. I really miss coming here to train every Saturday with my team, who have been displaced else where

  • Posted 26th August 2020 Steve Smith 10:09 pm

    I am very disappointed with the decision to remove the sports centre from the NDP. This centre is vital for all the residents of Henley and surrounds and should be protected for all our future health an wellbeing. Some of the actions of councillors who purport to represent the interests of the residents of their ward is shameful.

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