At the JPC Annual Parish Meeting held on Monday night online, a new Chair was elected, Cllr Elaine Field has served on the Council for a total of five years, serving the Finance, Planning and Grants sub-committees. She is Head of School, Henley in Arden Church of England School, and won a majority vote from the Council. She replaces Cllr Roger Hubbocks, who will continue to serve on the Planning and Finance Sub-Committees.

Elaine is a well-known campaigner in Henley, many will know her for her work on the Henley Music Festival, Henley Matters, and more recently, that she has been heavily involved in the support for residents on prescription deliveries and other services during the last nine weeks of lockdown.

Elaine will be joined by a new Vice-Chair, Cllr Angela Okey, who is also Chair of the Town Welfare Sub-Committee and is involved in several upgrade projects in the town, including the adoption of Henley Railway Station. Angela takes over from Chris Duffin, who resigned from the JPC but will be helping Angela with the Railway Project.

The JPC plan a number of town enhancement projects and more information will be made available in the coming weeks.

For a full account of both the Annual and Ordinary Parish Meetings, please go to the Agendas and Minutes section of this website.

By way of Chris Duffin’s resignation, the JPC now have a vacancy for a new Officer. If you are a resident and feel that your skills can be used to improve the quality of life for the town, take a look at the poster advertising this post, shown under news items.

Ray Evans Clerk & Proper Officer