After the initial engagement between the JPC and the WWMCRC Community Payback Team, who brought care and order to our St Nicholas cemetery, we are pleased to report that under the leadership of Cllr Jem Jones, and driven by the sheer enthusiasm of the team, further projects are now in progress.

The following photos show work in progress on the otherwise flooded and muddy footpath that runs at the rear of the schools and the Mount perimeter fence. The team are also working on replacing the muddy and dangerous pathway that runs from the steps in the St Nicholas graveyard across and through the coppice onwards towards the Mount. The new pathway will be welcomed by all who take a stroll up on to the Mount. This wonderful relationship will grow and prove to be a huge benefit to our community and the wellbeing of the team, who find the work interesting and rewarding.

The cost of materials used will be shared between residents, R Adams, Henley Churches and the JPC.

Big shout out to R Adams & Sons for their generosity in providing aggregates for the above projects.


Ray Evans – Clerk B&HIAJPC 09.11.2020