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This is our latest weekly report and prompt to see if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns for the Alcester Police North SNT. Thank you to those that have contacted the Team this week. If you would like to be removed from this local email circulation list, please let me know asap.

For operational and privacy reasons not all the incidents that occur on the Alcester area are listed in this report. Please remember to report any anti-social behaviour, suspicious activity or crimes to us as soon as possible – this can be done via the 101 and 999 telephone numbers or if not an emergency via our online reporting forms that can be found on our website.

Incidents of a public interest from the last week:-


  • *Theft. Store, Studley. Two men have stolen various items from store by way of shoplifting. Described as 1 – white male, 6’, big build, wearing blue coat, jeans, black hat, black trainers and a black mask. 2 – white male, black/dark blue coat, jeans, blue flat cap, brown trainers, and a black face mask. They left the area in a white van with a registration number ending in ‘BZA’. 5.10pm Monday 4th January. 0247 04/01/2021


  • *Theft. Shop, High Street, Henley. Male and female have stolen various items by way of shoplifting. Man described as a white male, 5’ 9”, wearing a green bobble hat, blue coat and blue jeans. Woman described as a white female, 5’ 4”, long black curly hair, wearing black leggings, black coat and black boots. 12.35pm Sunday 10th January. 0115 10/01/2021. Incident ongoing while this report was being produced.
  • *Theft. Shop, High Street, Henley. Two males have stolen items by way of shoplifting. Described as two white males, aged 25 – 35 years, both wearing grey hoodies and blue masks. 4.25pm Saturday 9th January. 0237 09/01/2021


  • *Vehicle Crime. Farm land Langley – Preston Bagot. Green Land Rover stolen while owner working nearby. It drove off towards Solihull. The offenders were possibly in a black Volvo or Audi which contained four males before the offence was committed. Area search made by police and the vehicle was later found in Shirley. 4pm Tuesday 5th January. 0219 05/01/2021
  • *Burglary. Hillside Cottages, Langley. Garage door attacked and entry gained. Nothing believed to be stolen at the time of the report. Intel from the area suggests that four males walked up to the garage and also opened a vehicle parked nearby. 12.25am Tuesday 5th January. 0092 05/01/2021
  • *Burglary. Hillside Cottages, Langley. Outbuilding broken into and a green and white pit bike has been stolen. Damage was also caused to a metal container nearby. Overnight 4th & 5th January. 0059 05/01/2021


  • *Anti-Social Behaviour. Gentlemens Lane, Ullenhall. Report of a dark coloured estate car, possibly a BMW doing handbrake turns on grass in the area. This has caused damage to a grassed area. The registration number of the vehicle started with ‘FY12’. 2.20am Thursday 7th January. 0215 07/01/2021
  • *Suspicious Circumstances. St Marks Close, Ullenhall. Land Rover parked in close and the occupants have ran off and got into an Audi parked in Ullenhall Street. Four people seen in total. The Land Rover was found to be stolen. 2.40am Monday 4th January. 0024 04/01/2021


  • *Suspicious Circumstances. Valley Road, Earlswood. White Seat car parked on lawn of property. The occupants of the car have then walked off towards the causeway with torches. No offences disclosed at the time. Vehicle left shortly afterwards. 11.30pm Monday 4th January. 0351 04/01/2021
  • *Suspicious Circumstances. Malthouse Lane, Earlswood. Grey Seat Leon has parked on the lane and the occupants have walked off with torches to a muddy path nearby. They have also looked at vehicles parked on driveways nearby. No offences disclosed at the time. 6.50pm Monday 4th January. 0282 04/01/2021


  • *Vehicle Crime. Station Cottages, Tanworth. Red Land Rover Defender stolen from property. Four males wearing balaclavas from a dark coloured car possibly a VW Polo were seen during the theft. 2.50am Monday 4th January. 0029 04/01/2021


  • *Burglary. Green Road, Hockley Heath. Man seen trying to break into garden shed. Described as a male wearing a checked shirt, blue jeans and a mask. He was also carrying a crow bar. A dark coloured VW Golf or Polo was seen to drive off from the area shortly afterwards. An area search was made by police and items stolen from the shed were found nearby. 9pm Friday 8th January. 0330 08/01/2021

If you have any questions regarding the above please contact us on the details below or via the Warwickshire Police website. If you would like to be removed from the Teams email circulation list – please let us know.



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