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This is our latest weekly report and prompt to see if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns for the Alcester Police North SNT. Thank you to those that have contacted the Team this week. If you need to be removed from this email circulation list, please let me know asap.


Incidents of a public interest from the last week:-



  • *Vehicle Crime. Gunners Lane, Studley. Works van entered and items stolen including a Bosch Drill and a Samsung Phone. 3.28am Sunday 26th January. 0326 26/01/2020
  • *Damage. Allendale Crescent, Studley. Two car tyres punctured and let down. Between 24th & 25th January. 0147 25/01/2020
  • *Vehicle Crime, Car Park, Station Road, Studley. Works van entered and items stolen including power drills. Between 5.30pm and 8.30pm Friday 24th January. 0480 24/01/2020
  • *Vehicle Crime, Car Park, Bromsgrove Road, Studley. Works van entered and items stolen including drills. Three males seen to be involved. They left the area in a Black VW with a registration number ending in ‘MOM’. 7.10pm Friday 24th January. 0431 24/01/2020
  • *Damage. Manor Road, Studley. Outer pane of double glazed window smashed. Found morning of Monday 20th January. 0252 20/01/2020



  • *Vehicle Crime. A3400, Stratford Road, Hockley Heath. Items stolen from near to engineers van as he was working nearby. Items included a blue canvass bag, gas detector, phone line tester and various other tools. 2.45pm Friday 24th January. 0275 24/01/2020



  • *Suspicious Circumstances. Lye Green, Claverdon. Two females seen sat in a black vehicle parked on private drive to house. The vehicle had ladders on the top. Caller concerned that there was no reason for them to be there. No offences disclosed at the time. Daytime Thursday 23rd January. 0391 23/01/2020



CCTV Footage – We know that there has been an increase on the use of CCTV at private and business properties, especially the doorbell / video type device. If you have footage of a person or vehicle acting suspiciously, especially if it may relate to any of the incidents listed above, please let us know via 101 or on email –


Theft of vehicle number plates – Vehicle number plate theft is a national problem and has increased in recent years in part due to an increase in speed cameras, a rise in petrol costs and charges to use certain roads. Offenders have looked at ways to hide the identities of their vehicles so they can engage in criminal activity whilst avoiding detection. Number plates are being stolen from vehicles of all makes, models and ages.


How to combat it – Non reversible screws have been developed to help combat this crime. The number plate screws are special one-way devices that cannot be unscrewed once fitted. Any attempt to steal the plate would require force, causing the plate to break. Therefore if the thief steals the plates, they are damaged in such a way that makes them useless for criminal purposes. Traditional number plates are fixed to vehicles using plastic bolts. If non-reversible screws are not available, it is recommended that double sided tape is used instead of plastic bolts. This makes the plate harder to remove and also may well lead to the plate breaking and therefore rendering it useless. When taking your vehicle for its next garage maintenance visit why not ask for your car number plates to be attached in this way?


Most vehicle crime is opportunistic and happens as a result of a vehicle being left vulnerable or unsecured, for example:

  • doors or windows left unlocked
  • keys left in the ignition
  • personal belongings on display (eg handbag, laptop)
  • sat nav and holder left in vehicle
  • parked in a poorly lit areas
  • during winter, vehicles being left unlocked with engines running to defrost


Crime prevention advice – Nobody thinks they’ll be a victim of crime until, of course, it happens. But if you’re clued in to the criminals’ tricks and tactics you can stay one step ahead. Browse our pages below for first-hand knowledge, industry best practices and practical crime prevention advice from officers and specialist teams all across the police.


Police Surgeries – We have arranged further mobile police surgeries around the area. Please pop along for a chat. There will be various crime prevention leaflets available.


Wednesday 12th February

Studley Co-Op  – 2pm -3pm

Mappleborough Green Garden Centre Car Park  – 3:30pm -4pm

Wednesday 19th February

Coffee Morning at the Henley Baptist Church Hall  – 10:30am -11:30am

Sunday 23rd February

Earlswood Allotments – 12 midday -1pm


Wednesday 4th March

Coughton Alcester Road – 2pm -3pm.

Sambourne layby Whitemoor Road – 3:30pm -4:30pm

Wednesday 11th March

Claverdon Village Shop Car Park – 12:30pm -1:30pm

Langley layby adjacent to Old Post Office – 2pm -3:30pm

Thursday 19th March

Bearley Sports Club Car Park – 2pm -3pm

Wootton Hall Park Wootton Wawen – 3:30pm – 4:30pm


Friday 20th March

Tanworth In Arden – Near to the Village Hall –  2pm – 3pm

Ullenhall – Village Hall Car Park  – 3:30pm – 4:30pm



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