Alcester Police North SNT. Latest Weekly Report. Sunday 27th June 2021

Hello all.

This is our latest weekly report and prompt to see if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns for the Alcester Police North SNT. Thank you to those that have contacted the Team this week. If you would like to be removed from this local email circulation list, please let me know asap.

For operational and privacy reasons not all the incidents that occur on the Alcester area are listed in this report. Please remember to report any anti-social behaviour, suspicious activity or crimes to us as soon as possible – this can be done via the 101 and 999 telephone numbers or if not an emergency via our online reporting forms that can be found on our website.

Incidents of a public interest from the last week:-


  • *Anti-Social Behaviour. Allendale Court, Studley. Group of about six people in the area generally being a nuisance by urinating, smoking cannabis and damaging property etc. Caller said that this was an ongoing problem. Reported 26th June. 0489 26/06/2021
  • *Vehicle Crime. The Grove, Studley. Window of Ford Fiesta smashed and access gained. Dashboard then damaged, probably with the intention to steal the vehicle. Overnight 25th & 26th June. 0104 26/06/2021
  • *Damage. Public Toilets, Studley. Small hole drilled into cubicle wall. Reported 23rd June. 0157 23/06/2021
  • *Suspicious Circumstances. Crendon Close, Studley. Two males seen in the gulley that runs along the back of the close. Caller concerned that they were looking into gardens. No offences disclosed at the time. 8.30pm Monday 21st June. 0373 21/06/2021



  • *Theft. Henley Road, Mappleborough Green. Two males have run into the business, stealing various items by way of shoplifting. Items included at least four lawnmowers. The males ran back to a small grey van with a registration number starting ‘GL07’. Offenders described as a white male and an Asian male. 10.40am Sunday 27th June. 0112 27/06/2021
  • *Theft. Birmingham Road, Mappleborough Green. Two males have picked up and stolen outside furniture at business. The items were put into a white van. Items included sofa, two chairs and nine umbrellas. 12.35am Sunday 20th June. 0247 21/06/2021
  • *Theft. Birmingham Road, Mappleborough Green. Two males have stolen wooden garden furniture from business. They have put the items into a blue Audi A4 estate, before driving off with the boot still open. The registration number started with ‘DC03’. 2.55pm Sunday 20th June. 0208 21/06/2021



  • *Theft. Preston Bagot. Theft of power take off shaft on grass topper. Reported 25th June. 0165 25/06/2021



  • *Burglary / Damage. Grange Road, Bearley. Set of garages damaged and one broken into. Caller concerned that youths are running across the garage roofs and are hanging around the area. Reported 23rd June. 0240 23/06/2021



  • *Vehicle Crime. High Street, Henley. Ford Fiesta stolen without keys. Overnight 25th & 26th June. 0082 26/06/2021



  • *Burglary. Langley. Secure gate and garage broken into and various items stolen including a stihl chainsaw and a box of car cleaning equipment. Friday 25th June. 0147 25/06/2021



  • *Burglary. Henley Road, Ullenhall. Secure garage entered. Nothing believed stolen at the time of the report. Overnight 24th & 25th June. 0055 25/06/2021
  • *Theft. Green Lanes, Ullenhall. Catalytic converters stolen from multiple vehicles. Between 3.20pm 24th and 8am 25th June. 0050 25/06/2021



  • *Burglary. Farm premises, Umberslade. Offender(s) have damaged a fence and tree in order to gain access to outbuilding. They have then stolen a green John Deer ride on mower. Overnight 22nd and 23rd June. 0088 23/06/2021


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