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This is our latest weekly report and prompt to see if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns for the Alcester Police North SNT. Thank you to those that have contacted us this week. If you need to be removed from this email circulation list, please let me know asap.

Incidents of a public interest from the last week:-


  • *Vehicle Crime. Riverside, Studley. Locks damaged on Land Rover Defender. Between 5pm and 6pm Wednesday 20th November. 0314 20/11/2019
  • *Damage / attempt theft from vehicle. New Road, Studley. Three males disturbed trying to cut their way into works van. They ran off and got into a Silver Nissan Navara. Wednesday 20th November. 0071 20/11/2019
  • *Vehicle Crime. Car park, Abbeyfields Drive, Studley. Car entered and several items stolen, including IPhone, wallet, cash, Sat Nav and hip flask. Between 8pm and 10pm Tuesday 19th November. 0422 19/11/2019


  • *Theft / Fly tipping. Snitterfield Road, Bearley. Secure compound broken into and about 100 tons of waste deposited on the site. Between 19th & 20th November. 0077 20/11/2019


  • *Suspicious Circumstances. Brook End Drive, Henley. Male seen hanging around the area. Caller concerned that they were not selling items but they were just paying attention to houses etc. Described as a white male, 30 years, wearing black clothing, black hat, gloves and carrying a large ruck sack. 11.45am Thursday 21st November. 0168 21/11/2019
  • *Vehicle Crime. Yew Tree Gardens, Henley. Both number plates stolen from vehicle. Possible around 12 midnight. Overnight 20th & 21st November. 0121 21/11/2019
  • *Vehicle Crime. Meadow Road, Henley. Offenders have cut a hole next to the lock on works van and have entered, stealing various tools. Four males dressed in black were seen at the rear of the van at the time. They ran off with the tools to a waiting car. 2.10am Wednesday 20th November. 0025 20/11/2019


  • *Vehicle Crime. Crowleys Close, Ullenhall. Secure vehicle has been entered by unknown mean and items stolen. This included a small amount of change and a Sat Nav. Intel from the area suggest that two males wearing hoodies were seen in the area at 2.15am. Overnight 21st & 22nd November. 0198 22/11/2019


  • *Vehicle Crime. Car Park, Stratford Road, Hockley Heath. Secure works van broken into by unknown means and various power tools stolen including Makita drill, impact driver and laser level. Overnight 19th & 20th November. 0103 20/11/2019
  • *Suspicious Circumstances, Car Park, Stratford Road, Hockley Heath. Dark coloured Mercedes seen to drive into the car park. Both male occupants had balaclavas on. It appears that these two males were responsible for the theft from van. 2.30am Wednesday 20th November. 0028 20/11/2019


  • *Theft. The Green, Tanworth. Two large statues worth £4000 stolen from rear garden of house. Both statues were of females. They have been lifted over the garden fence onto public access. 10.10pm Sunday 17th November. 0232 18/11/2019*

Police Surgery in Studley – On Wednesday 27th November a member of the Team will be at the Co-Op on the Alcester Road in Studley. This mobile police surgery is an opportunity for community engagement and all are welcome to come along for a chat. There will be a selection of crime prevention advice available. We will be there from 12 midday till 2pm.


Thefts from Work Vans – Thefts from vans is still a current problem on the area. Below we offer some simple crime prevention advice on what to do when the vehicle is unattended. Current trends show that offenders are using the ‘peal and steal’ or ‘snip and nick’ techniques. This is where side doors are peeled back to gain entry or metal snippers are used to cut holes in the skin of the van in order to gain access to the opening mechanisms or in fact create a hole big enough to climb in. Unless the vehicle is armoured then removing the most valuable items and using extra crime prevention techniques will be the best deterrent.

  • Park your vehicle in a secure area (in a garage or behind locked gates, if possible).
  • Use extra security devices to make sure the van cannot be moved. Park near to walls or park another vehicle in front of the van if on a drive.
  • Use motion detectors inside and outside the van to alert you that someone is nearby. (We know of one local tradesperson that has a simple baby monitor in their van to monitor noise and motion in real-time)
  • Park in a well-lit street in easy view of your own or neighbours’ houses.
  • Where possible, remove valuable items from the vehicle overnight and store them in a secure place.
  • Do not leave tools or equipment on view inside the vehicle.
  • Consider fitting an appropriate alarm system, protecting the cabin and load areas.
  • Apply a security marking product to power tools and equipment. Alternatively, etch or emboss identifiable marks to these items. Take photos of the valuable items
  • Consider installing secure storage containers or lockers in the van to store tools in.
  • Ensure that the van doors are securely lockable and consider having suitable deadlocks installed.
  • Make sure to physically check that the van doors and windows are locked if you have used the remote to lock the vehicle, even if the feedback indicates the van as locked.
  • When visiting businesses, try to park close to the entrance and preferably in the view of CCTV
  • Register serial numbers of your property for free on . Please visit the website for more information.
  • Consider a battery powered PIR alarm that calls you on the mobile phone when activated.
  • Be vigilant when unloading. Watch out for people that are taking an interest.
  • Call the police on 101 or 999 as appropriate of you see anyone looking suspicious.


Neighbourhood Watch – We have several NHW schemes around the area. To find out more about the Neighbourhood Watch and how you can set up or join a local scheme, please visit –

If you have any questions regarding the above please contact us on the details below or via the Warwickshire Police website. If you would like to be removed from the Teams email circulation list – please let us know.




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