· *Vehicle Crime. Haydon Way, Coughton. Batteries stolen from two farm vehicles. Overnight 11th & 12th September. 0060 12/09/2019

· *Vehicle Crime. Haydon Way, Coughton. Batteries stolen from HGV. Overnight 11th & 12th September. 0048 12/09/2019


· *Suspicious Circumstances / attempt vehicle crime. Gunners Lane, Studley. Two men disturbed trying to break into vehicle. They got into a Black vehicle (possibly a Skoda) and drove off. Nothing stolen from the scene, although items were found nearby that may have been stolen from other vehicles. Enquiries ongoing. 9pm Saturday 14th September 0412 14/09/2019

· *Vehicle Crime. Littlewood Green, Studley. Secure works van broken into and items stolen including toolbag, drills, chopsaws and chargers. High value. Overnight 13th & 14th September. 0089 14/09/2019

· *Vehicle Crime. Foster Avenue, Studley. Four white males disturbed trying to break into secure works van. The offenders got into a White Citroen Dispatch van and drove off. 11.40pm Friday 13th September. 0542 13/09/2019

· *Vehicle Crime. Riverside, Studley. Secure Land Rover stolen from outside of house. Between 12th & 13th September. 0266 13/09/2019

· *Vehicle Crime. Middletown Lane, Studley. Secure van stolen from outside of property. Overnight 12th & 13th September. 0149 13/09/2019

· *Vehicle Crime. Birmingham Road, Studley. Batteries stolen from two tractors. Overnight 11th & 12th September. 0066 12/09/2019


· *Vehicle Crime. Mayswood Road, Wootton Wawen. Secure works van broken into and various tools stolen. Overnight 10th & 11th September. 0060 11/09/2019


· *Suspicious Circumstances. St Nicholas Road, Henley. Owner of car has found the windows of the car partially down on several occasions in the mornings. No explanation of why this would happen. Reported in case the car was being tampered with. Nothing stolen. Reported Sunday 15th September. 0125 15/09/2019


· *Theft. Mill Lane, Earlswood. 6’ wooden gates stolen from driveway to house. Between 13th & 14th September. 0429 14/09/2019


· *Vehicle Crime. Church Hill, Ullenhall. Front and rear number plates stolen from vehicle. Overnight 12th & 13th September. 0067 13/09/2019


· *Suspicious Circumstances. St Michaels Close, Claverdon. Man seen to walk onto private land. No offences disclosed at the time. Described as a white male, 5’ 7”, medium build, straight grey hair, wearing grey trousers, grey shirt and black shoes. The man got into a car and drove off. The last three letters of the registration number were ‘EFG’. 12 midday Thursday 12th September. 0335 12/09/2019

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