A severe cold weather alert has been issued by the Met Office for rain turning to snow early hours of Thursday morning, with accumulations mainly above 200m. This should clear by late morning. It is unclear whether or not this will disrupt the delivery of services/disrupt travel significantly in Coventry and Warwickshire, but we thought it wise to alert VCS colleagues across Coventry and Warwickshire. This is particularly important if you are supporting vulnerable people (older people, the very young, or people with long-term conditions) whose health can be affected by even short periods of colder weather.


Please see some key public health messages below, and contact details for our household energy advice service provided by Act on Energy for Coventry and Warwickshire. We would be grateful if you might cascade these messages to your staff, asking them to take action to support our vulnerable residents.

Key public health messages: 


For anyone living in Warwickshire or Coventry who needs advice and is worried about keeping their home warm, there is a free service, run by Act on Energy. The service can help with fuel bills and benefits advice entitlements, as well as whether you are eligible for heating and insulation measures, so call  Act on Energy on 0800 988 2881.

Posted by Beaudesert & Henley JPC 26.02.2020