The JPC approached the District Councillor for Henley, Matt Jennings, asking for an update on the progress of any planning application by WASPS RUGBY, to convert Warwickshire College into a fully equipped training site. We are pleased to report that the Head of Planning and Housing, SDC, has responded and has given his consent for us to publish his response to Matt Jennings:-

Mr Robert Weeks wrote:

I am not aware that the application has been received yet and I have received a similar enquiry from a current user of the facility in relation to the possibility of his access ending.

There is a condition attached the 2007 permission requiring community use and this has been drawn to WASPS attention when they first approached. Their planning application for the extensions will need to explain how they will meet this condition if access to the building is to be ended (e.g. through their outreach work etc. and allowing access to the artificial pitch by local clubs) or the application will have to seek to amend or remove this condition.

My response to the resident who approached me was to make repetitions on the application when it has arrived and to help them I suggested that they register to receive the planning alerts for Henley.

I hope this helps

Robert Weeks MCIEH CEnvH 

Head of Planning and Housing


Ray Evans – Chairman JPC