Year Planner

Beaudesert & Henley in Arden Joint Parish Council
Year Planner

Month Action
JANUARY Final Agreement of Budget & Precept
  Send Precept request to SDC
  Start Planning for Election (if required)
  Plan future years meeting dates
  Arrange an Internal Auditor & send out letter of engagement
FEBRUARY Start to write any tenders necessary
  Review Grass-mowing & maintenance contract
  Review current Direct Debits
  Organise PAT Testing of IT equipment
  Arrange audit of internal controls
MARCH Plan Annual Assemblies
  Plan Annual JPC Meeting and review of JPC policies on a monthly basis
  Check Annual Return Received from External Auditors
  Ensure meeting date in place to approve Annual Return
  Organise review of Risk Assessment & Asset Register
  Prepare DD list for approval by JPC
  Chase any outstanding payments/receipts before year end
APRIL Prepare Election packs if required
  Finalise annual accounts
  Carry out a Bank Reconciliation
  Request nominations for chair/vice chair
  Submit VAT Reclaim for Year
MAY Prepare Annual JPC Meeting incl confirmation of General Power of Competence in Election year
  Book meeting venue for the year
  Prepare Cllr Induction Packs if required
  Receive Acceptance of Office Forms at Annual JPC meeting
  Complete all Accounting Statements & ensure they are sent to External Auditors
  Finalise Internal Audit
  Prepare Bank Reconciliation & check bank signatories
  Review all JPC Policies
  Review JPC insurance is adequate
  Organise Annual Staff Appraisal for Clerk
JUNE Post Annual Return to External Auditors
  Give Notice of Electors Rights
  Request submission from Portfolio Holders for Annual Report and Accounts
JULY Finalise JPC Annual Report and Accounts
SEPTEMBER Organise Annual Report & Accounts to be delivered to all householders
OCTOBER Review JPC web site and IT arrangements
  Send draft budget to Cllrs
  Conduct a review of JPC insurances
NOVEMBER Plan events calendar for coming year inc review of JPC policies
  Start to collate budget information
  Organise an informal budget meeting with Cllrs
  Organise Christmas event
DECEMBER Send Christmas cards & organise gifts
  Check reserves & contingencies are adequate
  Arrange initial agreement to precept request
  letter/notice in Henley Focus/ HNOL to community re: precept