The JPC, in conjunction with a small number of residents, have now created a HENLEY FLOOD RELIEF WORKING PARTY [HFRWP], which promises to move this worrying aspect of life in the town to a new level of understanding and action.

Yes, we all know the drains get blocked but they are not the prima facie reason for the misery the town suffered recently. Last night at the JPC Meeting, Cllr Ian Shenton stated that the recent jet washing programme conducted by WCC was stopped when damage to culvert structures were discovered. This prevented the programme of clearing debris from proceeding to a successful conclusion.

This, along with other issues, is now being addressed by WCC and funds are available to ‘get the job done’ as quickly as possible.

The Councillor further advised that even with impoved drainage, flooding will not be obviated, mainly because of climate change. So, if it is not entirely down to the drains, then deeper investigation into fluvial activity in our water courses must now take precedence, and this accords with the actions publshed by the HFRWP as following:

  • A] Physical Defence & Drainage Team will work with local authorities and agencies in order to identify locations where the River Alne overflows and to learn more about the WCC iniative on flooding prevention measures.
  • B] Non-Physical Activities Team to enagage with:
  • Communications with the town
  • Residents self-help issues
  • Managing street cleaning activity
  • Ensuring compliance with Flood related planning issues
  • Liaison with the National Flood Forum
  • To build a dossier of information and data


It is understood that the HFPWP will hereafter report back to the JPC on their progress and that such information will be made available to the public on a dedicated page on the JPC website.

The JPC will now regularly update you all on this problem and if you have anything to say on the matter, please advise the Clerk by email so your comments can be added to this page.


Please take a moment to read through the information provided by WCC on Flood Awareness and Prevention issues.