Parking and Traffic




The JPC are aware of the concern exhibited by many residents about the flagrant abuse of speed limits and illegal parking in our town. None of these concerns will be overlooked however, in the real world, every measure taken to manage these problems ends up with a cost which has to be met by the resident through the precept.

The JPC are now actively looking at practical ways to raise revenue, along with other Parishes in the area, with a view to introducing traffic calming and acceptable parking amenities for both residents and visitors alike.


At the JPC Meeting on Monday the 17th of June last, assurances were given to the public, that these difficult issues will be dealt with and dealt with urgently.

This page will carry a full account of our progress and, at any stage, please feel free to send your comments to the JPC Parish Clerk – email address at footer.

LATEST NEWS 16.7.2019

After a robust review of the decision by the previous JPC who voted unanimously earlier this year for taking the leasehold of the Croft and Medical Centre Car Parks, and appoint LPS, Stratford upon Avon, as the Car Park Operators, as is the case with the North Car Park, the new JPC Council, elected May this year, find no reason to delay the proceedings.

The JPC hereby publish the details of this new car parking strategy posted as ‘Proposed’ pending formal signing between all committed parties. Ray Evans Chairman JPC 16.07.2019